We are currently looking for employees for the position:
Mushroom collector

What can we provide you with?

  • When you are working with us, you are not just an employee but a member of the team. Your opinion is important to us.
  • Piece pay and bonus system depending on the number and class of mushrooms harvested.
  • Free transport – we have our own fleet of buses that transport employees within 50 km from our company.
  • For the empoyees outside of our region, we provide our modern hotel base next to the plantation. Hotels are equipped with kitchens, laundries, dryers, dining rooms, each room has its own bathroom, we have matrimonial rooms, we provide permanent access to high-speed internet.
  • Free hot meals – we have our own fully professional kitchen, where we prepare meals for our employees every day.
  • Opportunity to develop your career path.

We are open to employees from Ukraine and other neighboring countries

  • We have been cooperating with employees from Ukraine for years.
  • We issue declarations of intention to work for the purpose of obtaining a visa.
  • We are located close to the border with Ukraine.

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Kamil Jagiełło

employment specialist

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