In our offer we have the highest quality fruiting bodies of white and brown mushrooms in all sizes and classes. A large crop area and high technological standards allow us to ensure continuity of deliveries to our customers throughout the entire calendar year. As a member of Grupa Producentów Pieczarek Grzybowy Raj Sp. z o.o. we sell our products through it. If you are interested in purchasing fresh champignons, please contact our sales representative as well as the Grzybowy Raj website.

Why Us?

Two mushroom farms

We differ from other producer groups, that the Grzybowy Raj associates only two large mushroom farms, Sopińscy and R & J Sztander.

High quality

We do not buy mushrooms from other companies, so we can guarantee that the product that goes to you is safe, and the highest quality.

Reproducibility of cultivation

Thanks to the highest quality of microclimate controlling devices in the chambers, we are able to grow the highest quality mushrooms throughout the entire year!

Types of packaging

Plastic cups

With a capacity of 250g, 350g, 400g, 500g, 600g, 800g, 1kg.

Plastic boxes

in two colors – blue and black
the capacity of plastic box is up to 3kg.

Wooden boxes

Wooden boxes are distinguished by their attractive appearance, in which mushrooms with untrimmed roots look great.

Collective carton packaging

in cartons we can put plastic cups of any color and capacity.


designed for exclusive store chains and the most demanding customers. Bulk packets contain information about the nutritional value of mushrooms, the content of vitamins and mineral salts. There are old engravings on them showing the preparation of mushrooms dishes.

Do you need a different package?
Write, and we will prepare a special offer for you

Jacek Burgs – Sales manager
phone +48 512 552 553
e-mail: [email protected]