We offer the highest quality pins of white and brown button mushrooms in all sizes and of all classes. Large cultivation space and high technological standards allow us to provide our clients with deliveries all year round. As a member of the Group of Mushroom Producers Grzybowy Raj Ltd.,, we sell our products through that company. If you are interested in buying fresh mushroom please contact our sales representative or visit the website of the Grzybowy Raj.

Types of packaging

Plastic cups

volume – 250g, 350g, 400g, 500g, 600g, 800g, 1kg.

Plastic boxes

Two colors – blue and black, maximum volume is 3 kg.

Wooden boxes

They stand out due to their attractive appearance, filled with perfectly looking mushrooms with roots.

Carton multipack

In cartons we can place cups of any size and color.


Designed for exclusive store chains and the most demanding customers. Bulk packets contain information about the nutritional value of mushrooms, the content of vitamins and mineral salts. There are old engravings on them showing the preparation of mushrooms dishes.

Do you need another type of packaging?
Contact us and we will prepare a special offer for you:

Jacek Burgs – the Head of Sales Department
Mobile +48 512 552 553
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